5 Ways to Involve Family in Your Elopement

People tend to think that elopements are just for the couple and a bit exclusive when it comes to family, but you can absolutely elope AND include your family. I’m so stoked to share with you 5 Ways to Involve Family in Your Elopement!

There are so many meaningful ways to involve them, and I hope that these 5 options give you great ideas on how to include yours.

Here are 5 awesome ways to include your family in your elopement:

Swan Falls Elopement - 5 ways to involve family in your elopement


1. Ask them to be present in your activities throughout the whole day, or invite them to your ceremony.

If you can’t imagine getting married without your families by your side, include them in the whole day or ask them to come to your ceremony. If you involve them throughout the whole day, you may need to adjust some of your plans! Think about activities that you love doing with your family. Plan some of those activities into your day! If you do celebrate with your families, I’d highly suggest taking some time alone to soak in your wedding day! If you ask your family to come to your ceremony, coordinate your ceremony time so that they can all be present. For example, if you’re eloping in Stanley you may opt for a mid-day ceremony so that family members can drive home afterwards. Just be mindful of their needs and you’ll be set!

If you know you want a “just us” day, some of the following suggestions may suit you better!


2. Call or FaceTime your family before or after your ceremony.

This is an awesome way to share your happy, excited “just married” feelings with your family. If you elope somewhere with reception, you can call your family right before or right after your ceremony. Make sure to let your families know exactly when you’ll be calling and test out your video options ahead of time so you don’t experience technical difficulties. Have a backup plan as well! Think about what you want to talk about with your families or let the conversation flow naturally.

Boise Idaho Elopement - 5 ways to involve family in your elopement


3. Have your family write letters or send Marco Polos for you to open on your elopement day.

This is a great way to honor your privacy and still feel connected to the people you love. Ask them (well in advance) to write you letters to open on your wedding day! Consider sending them a cute invitation in the mail (similar to a wedding-invite) to write you a letter! Asking them in a special way will make them feel loved and excited to be included. You can also ask them in person if that feels more meaningful or come up with your own special way! It may be a good idea to give them prompts to write about or have questions for them to answer in case they aren’t sure what to write about.

Marco Polo is also a great option for involving your family on your elopement day! Marco Polo is a phone app where you can record videos for the recipient to watch at their leisure. If your family members have the app, ask them to send you videos to open on your wedding day!


4. Involve your family in planning and/or prepping for your elopement.

This option can work with any of the other ideas I’ve listed, or use it on it’s own if you’d like! It’s likely that your family members want to feel involved, so asking them to help you plan or prep for your elopement will make them feel like they’re helping! After you’ve day-dreamed (check out my blog on The BEST to Start Planning a Wedding that ACTUALLY feels like YOU) you can ask your family to help you do some research on the ideas you came up with. Give them specific tasks, like helping you find the perfect AirBnB in McCall or finding the perfect florist (I 100% recommend Historia Florals). Consider asking your family to go wedding attire shopping with you as well! Asking your family for help with planning/prepping your elopement will take some pressure off your shoulders and make them feel involved!

5. Celebrate with your family after your elopement.

Last, but not least, celebrate with your family after you’ve sealed the deal. You can keep this as simple or elaborate as you’d like! Some simple ideas would be to hold a family BBQ or family dinner, or throw an actual reception. Totally your call and what feels the best to you. If you decide to party afterwards, it may be wise include prepping for this step in your elopement planning, so that after you’re married you don’t have to make any additional plans. You can just enjoy being married! If adding this onto your plans feels like too much, you can always ask your family to throw a party for you!

Backyard Elopement BBQ - 5 Ways to Involve Family in your elopement


I’d love to hear how you’re including YOUR family in your elopement! Let me know in the comments! 🙂



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