Meet your mexican food-loving friend/favorite third wheel/sweet moment capturer.

I like deep conversations + kind people. I'm as much an outdoorsy person as I am a homebody!
I live in the Boise area with my husband + little boy. I grew up on an acreage across the street from Lake Lowell, so I'm accustomed to playing in dirt, sleeping on trampolines under the summer stars, chasing chickens, and making flower crowns. Also chasing my two older brothers around, can't forget that. Growing up I wanted to be a inspirational speaker and a mom. Still working on that first one, but I've added successful entrepreneur + business coach to that list. I'm a business nerd + avid business book reader! I've always loved sports + anything creative-my favorites being hiking, canoeing/kayaking, volleyball, tennis, ping-pong, singing, playing my ukulele, drawing, and designing. So photography feels like a natural addition for my creative soul! I'm also a Taylor Swift junkie, a ketchup addict, a Fixer Upper fan, and love candles that smell like food. I also lived in Argentina for a while, so I speak Spanish fluently! Let's go meet my guys!!

Meet my boys.

These two are my best buds-Tyler (my husband) and Trevor (my little guy). Tyler is the kindest person you'll ever meet. He'll drop everything without question to help someone in need. I look up to him a lot (not just cause he's way taller than me haha). He was my first (and last) boyfriend, and I'm so happy I snatched him up.

Trevor is the sweetest, silliest little two year old. He's got the biggest heart. He loves his "fast shoes" and performing (which is just him yelling really loudly). He amazes me and I love being his mom!

You'll hear me telling you that I care about your wedding day-and the truth is, I really do. I know what it's like to care about someone so much your heart might burst, and wanting to remember every little detail of how you feel about them. It's these two that make me feel that way!

Now that you know a more about me and what I care about, let's walk through some details before you reach out and we become friends.

A little about me

let's check it out