Sunny Bridals at Bogus Basin

I can’t tell you guys how much I’ve come to respect and admire Stephanie and Jardiel. They’re some of the most encouraging, sweet humans I’ve ever met.

I loved their sun-kissed, mountain-top bridal session, and I couldn’t be more grateful to these two for trusting me with their photos. I wanted to share about our experience in Stephanie’s own words, because I couldn’t have said it better.


“When we finalized our photo shoot I was very excited because I knew they were going to come out great, knowing how beautiful your work is. But I was also very nervous at the same time because I have always been camera shy. I’m that friend who poses awkwardly in group photos, the one who only takes selfies in filter mode LOL. I knew I would be comfortable taking photos with my partner, but I wasn’t sure if I would know how to pose without throwing the whole photo off due to being so awkward. As soon as I met you I immediately felt good, friendly, laid back vibes and knew you would be wonderful to work with. I felt SO much more comfortable as I got to know you and your husband a little more and I knew that I could really relax a bit more and be myself. You knew EXACTLY where we should be, where to look, how to pose, you just knowing what you were doing and looking for made this experience SO much more easy and enjoyable than I initially thought! I was extremely happy with how the photos turned out. I mean they were beautiful! I planned on waiting until Jardiel and I were married to show our family and friends but I couldn’t help myself, and everyone LOVED how they turned out. We have had so many compliments on the photographs we honestly couldn’t ask for anything more. You did a wonderful job on helping us feel relaxed and comfortable, and a beautiful job with the end results, we’re extremely happy with every single picture. My advise (to anyone booking with Barefoot and Windswept) would be to not worry so much about how you look, once you’re comfortable with Erika everything will fall into place, and she knows exactly what to do to help you take some of the most beautiful pictures you will ever have in your life.”

-Stephanie + Jardiel


We ended their sweet Bridal session with a few photos of them and their cute daughter, (who played in the dirt most of the time and I totally wanted to go join her) and since then Stephanie has been the biggest supporter of my photography business. We recently took their family photos, and talked while we walked back to our cars-and I left feeling so refreshed, inspired, and encouraged.

I’m forever grateful for Stephanie and Jardiel. I’m so excited to continue our friendship and to watch each other’s lives unfold.

Thank you Stephanie, Jardiel, and sweet little Madeline!!


*A few photos from their sweet Bridal session.



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