Hawaiian Styled Elopement – Kimmy + Abel

From discussing the significant meaning of Hawaiian names to splashing in the ocean while seagulls flew by, this Hawaiian-styled elopement session was everything for me.

I hadn’t met Kimmy and Abel before the shoot, and it was seriously so fun to sit in the sand and talk with Kimmy about Hawaiian traditions. I love the depth behind the Hawaiian culture. Not only is Hawaii a gorgeous place, but the people themselves are truly beautiful-inside and out.

During our session we trudged through tall grass, which, by the way, had an insane amount of uneven ground (I almost fell wayyyy TOO MANY TIMES). Kimmy and Abel snuggled and played in the sand while I tried my hardest to keep the campfire-making people out of the background, and we finished things off with my favorite part-splashing through the ocean. Also-I cannot stress how much I love the character that the seagull brings in some of those photos. Don’t worry, you’ll get to see it when you scroll down. 🙂

All in all, it was an incredible session. I love the richness that meeting new couples brings to my life. Thank you Kimmy and Abel for spending time with me and creating such a meaningful memory.








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