Idaho is a Great Place to Elope – Here’s Why

Idaho is a Great Place to Elope – Here’s Why

If you’re a fellow Idaho lover and want to elope in a rad location, you don’t need to look very far. Idaho is home to some incredible scenery, and a perfect place to plan your elopement adventure.

Let’s dive in to Why Idaho is a Great Place to Elope.

Boise Idaho Elopement - Idaho is a great place to elope - here's why

Idaho has incredibly diverse landscape, making it the perfect backdrop for your elopement.

Idaho has insanely diverse landscape, creating the perfect backdrop for your special day! For example: if you want a warm, summer-y vibe for your elopement, you could opt for a day spent by a mountain lake. If you want to soak in a hot spring before or after your ceremony, there are over a 100 hot springs to choose from (here is a map of every hot spring in Idaho!!). If you want to have a snuggly, winter skiing/snowboarding elopement you could spend the day at Bogus Basin, Brundage or Tamarack. Want to go hiking and get married at the top of a trail? Deal. There are SO many amazing hikes to choose from. I love using AllTrails to find awesome hikes!

Besides these options, there are several canyons to explore, incredible waterfalls, sand dunes-if you’ve never gone dune-sledding you’re missing out, beaches to play on, rivers to raft or kayak down, forests to wander, rock formations to climb, etc. Idaho is SO cool and has so much to offer your elopement plans. (Btw, when you book your elopement with me I’ll totally help you plan the perfect elopement activities!!)

Idaho Hot Spring Elopement - Idaho is a Great Place to Elope - Here's Why

You won’t break the Bank

Budget friendly-ness is another reason why Idaho is a great option for your elopement. If you’re currently living in or near Idaho, you won’t have to spend a fortune on travel to have an amazing experience. It’s all relatively nearby!

Getting married in your own “backyard” will feel insanely meaningful

Exploring new places is an amazing experience, but there’s just something sweet about exploring close to home. It gives you a deeper appreciation for the place you live! Plus, getting married somewhere you *already* love will add even more meaning to your sweet wedding day. If you want to stay close but still experience a new place or activity, Idaho’s got your back.

Sawtooth Elopement - Idaho is a great place to elope - here's why

Idaho IS a great place to elope, and I can’t wait for you to experience all it has to offer!! If you need help figuring out what Idaho experiences you’d like to include in your elopement, check out my blog post The BEST Way to Start Planning a Wedding That ACTUALLY Feels Like You to figure out exactly what feels best for you!

Are you eloping in Idaho? Share your elopement day plans in the comments!




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