Even if your elopement activities are as simple as snuggling on a couch in a cabin in the woods, that's absolutely a big deal, because you will be celebrating this day every year for the rest of your lives. Every minute of it is special-and deserves to be documented so your memories can live on forever!


Your elopement is a BIG deal.

You get to have this totally unique, YOU-centered experience by yourselves or with a handful of friends and family, and really, the sky is the limit on what you can include on your elopement day. I'm here to help you plan a day that will be absolutely meaningful-and to give you gorgeous photos to let you re-live those experiences over and over.

An elopement is a wedding that's all about you.

You deserve an AMAZING experience with your wedding photos-so beyond the awesome photos you'll get from me, each package comes with a few essential bonuses, including:
-An in-depth, step by step Elopement Planning Guide
-a fun "let's be buds" questionnaire
-unlimited question-asking + virtual planning sessions (seriously-ask me anything!!)
-best of the best vendor suggestions
-elopement day timeline + Plan B planning assistance
-dreamy location scouting assistance
-regular "you hanging in there?" check-in's

"Just photo coverage" ain't gonna cut it. You deserve so much more. :)

Packages with more than "just photo coverage."

Let's explore this beautiful, wild part of the US together and get you guys hitched in a beautiful location.

PNW Elopement Packages Include:
-Varied Hours of coverage, from 4 hours-2-days.
-Your own exclusive 95+ page Elopement Planning Guide and personal planning assistance from me!
-Stunning, emotion-filled photos from your day.

Packages starting at $2,500

PNW Elopements

For the couples getting hitched close to home-or experiencing what Idaho has to offer from another state-I share your love of this cool place.

Idaho Elopement Packages include:
-Varied Hours of coverage, from 4 hours-2-days.
-Your own exclusive 95+ page Elopement Planning Guide and personal planning assistance from me!
-Stunning, emotion-filled photos from your day.

Packages starting at $2,300

For the

Whether you're getting engaged, celebrating an anniversary, or just want to explore a beautiful place together, let's have a fun adventure together!

Adventure Sessions Starting at $450
*Discounted when added to an elopement package!*

A session, but make it adventure.

You want stunning, happy photos of you on your wedding day in a gorgeous location to hang in your home + share with loved ones.

You want to have some sort of adventure or experience on the day of your elopement! (Can be adventurous or more laid-back, I love it all)

You don't want the stress of a big wedding and would rather have a small, meaningful wedding experience by yourselves or with a handful of your loved ones.

We're gonna be a great fit if...

Absolutely! That decision is yours to make. Btw, If you decide you want a "just us" elopement, but still want to include your families, there are so many ways to do so, like throwing a party afterwards, having them write letters for you to open on the morning of your elopement, or having them help you pick out your dress + other things!

Can our families come to our elopement?

Some would argue that your elopement day deserves more coverage than a traditional wedding, for a couple of reasons. One is that there are physically less people there to witness, so having all-day photo coverage allows you to share your experiences with those who aren't there! Another is that this is a day you'll be celebrating for the rest of your lives. It is just as important and special as a big wedding, and absolutely deserves all the attention.

What is the benefit of all-day coverage? Won't I only need a couple of hours?

This totally depends on when and where you want to elope, but you could plan an awesome elopement anywhere from 2 weeks to 1 year in advance.

How far in advance can we plan our elopement?

Think of it this way-you're trading a big traditional wedding for a day where the sky is the limit! You can incorporate all of your favorite activities AND get married somewhere in the middle. There are several prompts to get you thinking and activity ideas in your Elopement Planning Guide that you'll get after booking, that will help you figure out what meaningful things you'd like to include on your wedding day. :) Remember, this is the day that you'll be celebrating each year for the rest of your lives, so why not make it something amazing??

An all-day elopement sounds cool, but what would we even do all day?


Absolutely. I'll help you find the perfect location, send you the best vendor suggestions, and help you find an awesome officiant-all the things. 

Will you help us with locations, vendors, finding an officiant, permits, etc?

YES! Your kids are such an important part of your story, and there are so many activities that you can plan during the day to include your sweet kids. Think about things you love doing with them, or plan to spend some time with them in the morning and then have some alone time later in the day!

Can we bring our kids?

As detailed or as simple as you'd like. If you want a catered lunch or dinner, or a beautiful arch setup with flowers-go for it. I can give you vendor suggestions for those things! If you love the simplicity that eloping offers, go with that. Plan things that are easy and fit with your vibe!

How detailed does our elopement have to be?

Not necessarily! A lot of couples love to incorporate their favorite outdoor activities into their day, but you could easily incorporate going to your favorite coffee shop, or playing music together, or something more mild that you really love doing together! 

Do we have to have a big "adventure" for our elopement?


Let's enjoy the process of preparing your elopement plans, and then go have the BEST DAY EVER!!
You'll get sneak peeks of your photos ASAP, and your full gallery in 3-4 weeks following.

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